The Process

How We Work:

You need to hire a new VP of Sales, General Manager, Head Winemaker, Direct to Consumer,E Commerce Guru or an  Enologist or any other leadership roles in your organization.  As you probably know, this can quickly become a constant stream of resumes, a parade of new candidates, time and cost of background checks, and most likely a strain on your team as they compensate for an empty position.

Benchmark Consulting exists for the purpose of removing the guesswork from your search and allowing you to keep your eye on the ball with your day-to-day management and goals.

Specialized Labor

Let’s just make it simple- we love wine and have had countless great experiences building our networks over the last 20 years.  Finding the right candidate- someone that not only hits your organization running, but has been vetted through our processes insuring your organization never misses a step.

As a retainer-based firm, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that benefits both our clients and candidates.