5 ways running a winery differs from a Silicon Valley startup (or doesn't)

Ever wondered how running a Silicon Valley startup differs from starting your own winery? Sarah’s Vineyard owner Tim Slater has experienced both worlds as an engineer and a winemaker. These, he says, are the five differences:
1. Being in a Silicon Valley startup generally means living within a shoestring budget. You earn little or no income while working 12-hour days. It’s a life of late nights and early mornings — and occasionally no separation between the two.
2. You spend months wrestling with borrowed equipment that doesn’t do what you want it to do, and weeks trying to “kludge together” a workable solution from what you’ve got on hand.
3. You have frequent interaction with local officials, who throw every possible roadblock in your path.
4. There is a high probability of failure, and the outcome is dependent on whimsical events completely out of your control.
5. And once you get venture capital, it gets a lot worse.
“Farming,” he says, “is about the same, only a lot dirtier and with a lot less income.”

Change in our Midst

We are seeing enormous change in the wine business. One can continue to expect significant changes in the way wine is marketed and sold, with increased global competition.

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