Our Technology

image of wine Bottles on a rackBenchmark Consulting has been the leader in recruiting wine executives since 1995.  So much has changed since that time.  As we’ve taken strides to improve our web presence and social media efforts, we’ve upped the ante‘.  Enter,

Jazz.co’s clients include Pintrest, Hootsuite, Instagram, Klout, Mashable and Tumblr…industry leading, technology forward companies seeking highly qualified professional candidates to run their multi million dollar companies.
Benchmark has leveraged that technology to save our clients ‘time and money’

Jazz is simply a bionic way for Benchmark to reach thousands daily searching for new careers in the wine industry.  The impact on our Clients has been nothing short of astounding.

  • Enhanced SEO: Jazz allows Benchmark’s career listings to ‘dominate the web’ – placing each career on other highly prized and trafficked websites by serious wine career seekers
  • Time: The dispersal of our information is instantaneous – our clients have seen a significant reduction of the time it takes to hire.
  • Value: Benchmark’s relationship with Jazz saves you “MONEY” – the cost to drive your careers to the individual websites can be extraordinary.  Benchmark’s value proposition cannot be matched by any recruiter in the wine sector.
  • Social: The hottest trend in the HR industry is via social channels.  Our careers are posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as soon as we receive the request.
  • Software: Our hiring software allows Benchmark to track, categorize and tag each new candidate with precision – our clients can resource our database to target the best candidate for their organization or winery.

The advantages to our clients has been immeasurable, thanks to our relationship with ‘Jazz’.  As you are considering hiring an agency to find your next Winemaker, Director of Marketing, VP of Sales, CEO or any wine industry leadership, talk to us.  We can make your wine executive search easy!

Before you begin

Many people looking for a new job do not take the time to examine their skills and long-term goals before applying for new opportunities. This lack of focus can adversely affect the chances of getting a desired offer.  Before applying, look carefully at your resume. Take note of what you have accomplished in three broad areas—leadership, teamwork and acquired knowledge. The first two are easy to understand. The last pertains to specific skills you have acquired that set you apart from the rest. This could include wine knowledge, sales techniques, computer skills or distributor management.  After this review is finished, reflect on what you want to accomplish in your professional life. Then compare that to what you have learned so far. Be realistic. Decide what you need to learn to get where you want to go professionally. Reduce these down to a plan of action—a map, if you will, of what steps you need to take to get to that goal. Only apply for positions that keep you on or very near your map. Leverage your success in one position up to the next step. Look to work for organizations that can internally give you room to grow and learn. This process will help you get the offer  you are seeking, and to have a very productive long-term career.