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Benchmark Trust

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Code of Ethics:

Benchmark Consulting believes that the right person in the right job can have a positive impact. The benefits first reach the hiring organization and the individual, but the advantages soon reverberate throughout the entire community.

We act as consultants to our clients and potential candidates. We locate, attract and screen highly talented people for positions that will enable them to progress further in their careers.

As consultants for our winery clients, we are diligent in learning what skills, experiences and passions candidates will bring to the hiring organization.

We strive to accomplish our mission in an open and forthright manner. By engaging in an ethical process that is trusted and understood by candidates and clients, we are able to provide the highest quality results.

We Pledge to:

  • Never divulge confidential information without consent from our clients and candidates

  • Always strive to do what is in the best interest of our clients