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How We Work:

You need to hire a new VP of Sales, General Manager, Head Winemaker, Direct to Consumer,E Commerce Guru or an  Enologist or any other leadership roles in your organization.  As you probably know, this can quickly become a constant stream of resumes, a parade of new candidates, time and cost of background checks, and most likely a strain on your team as they compensate for an empty position.
Benchmark Consulting exists for the purpose of removing the guesswork from your search and allowing you to keep your eye on the ball with your day-to-day management and goals.

Specialized Labor

Let’s just make it simple- we love wine and have had countless great experiences building our networks over the last 20 years.  Finding the right candidate- someone that not only hits your organization running, but has been vetted through our processes insuring your organization never misses a step.

As a retainer-based firm, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that benefits both our clients and candidates.

Benchmark Consulting believes that the right person in the right job can have a positive impact. The benefits first reach the hiring organization and the individual, but the advantages soon reverberate throughout the entire community.

We act as consultants to our clients and potential candidates. We locate, attract and screen highly talented people for positions that will enable them to progress further in their careers.

As consultants for our winery clients, we are diligent in learning what skills, experiences and passions candidates will bring to the hiring organization.

We strive to accomplish our mission in an open and forthright manner. By engaging in an ethical process that is trusted and understood by candidates and clients, we are able to provide the highest quality results.

We Pledge to:
  • Never divulge confidential information without consent from our clients and candidates
  • Always strive to do what is in the best interest of our clients

No other firm has a better understanding of the wine business, both domestic and international. We invest the time to understand your organization’s goals, objectives and culture.

Our knowledge of the wine business comes from two decades of conducting searches for wine businesses of all sizes, domestic and international. Through this extensive experience we understand differing organizational needs and the goals for long-term growth. Our collaborative process ensures that Benchmark has a complete understanding of each of our client’s organizations. Time is spent at the beginning of the search learning about and visiting the client’s business. During the search, we communicate frequently with clients to ensure the search stays on track.

Candidate Interviews Are Conveniently Presented Online

The Benchmark Process utilizes digital recording of candidate interviews.  Recorded interviews are securely posted online for individual client reviews. Our vetted procedure renders a comprehensive search resulting in highly talented candidate choices. Our experience and network allow us to interview ‘cream of the crop’ candidates for your organization.  That notwithstanding, it’s our process enables us to guarantee results.

Moving Your Organization Forward
Step by Step: The Benchmark HR and Consulting Hiring Process

Over the last two decades, Benchmark HR has forged a concise and well vetted process for ‘moving your organization forward’

  • Base Research
  • Position Research
  • Search Strategy
  • Telephone Interview
  • Writing Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Verification of Degrees, Employment and Compensation History
  • Video Interview with Candidates
  • Background Check
  • Compensation Negotiation
  • Hire

“Benchmark is a trusted resource for anyone looking to further their career or enhance their companies human capital.  I have worked with Dawn and the Benchmark Team for 8+ years as both a client and candidate.  Dawn is a seasoned and savvy Wine Business Leader as well as one of the best match-makers in the biz.”

Jason Jardine, Hanzell Vineyards, President

“The staff at Benchmark Consulting (Dawn) did an excellent job of getting to know our company; it’s personality, strengths and weaknesses before ever referring a candidate to us.  Through their in-depth knowledge and research of our operations and needs, Benchmark referred a quality set of candidates for our consideration.  The end result, we found a perfect match – a candidate who wanted to be here as much as we wanted to have them.  We could not have asked for more.”

George Weldon, Chateau Morrissette, President

“When we were searching for a Chief Executive Officer for our growing wine business—Curious Cork Imports—we turned to Benchmark and Dawn’s team to help us with this pivotal hire. We were so pleased that Dawn not only focused on recruiting someone with the right skill set, but someone who would be the right cultural fit for our enterprise. The Benchmark team pays particular attention to this cultural side of recruiting, which to us is critical to building a successful team.”

Kyle Beard, Senior Associate, Impact Opportunities Fund

 “I highly recommend Dawn and Lisa at Benchmark Consulting. I recently made the change of my life when I found my dream job in Minnesota. Dawn provided terrific advice throughout the entire process and they were true professionals throughout hiring and moving. Dawn and Lisa seem to know everyone i“Benchmark is a trusted resource for anyone looking to further their career or enhance their companies human capital.  I have worked with Dawn and the Benchmark Team for 8+ years as both a client and candidate.  Dawn is a seasoned and savvy Wine Business Leader as well as one of the best match-makers in the biz.”

Mike Drash
VP of Winemaking, Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery