Anxiety, Depression and the Job Search

Times like these make you want to actually sing country.  Old country not that new fangled country – invented in a LA recording studio.  Someone who’s ‘lived’ for decades, someone who has lost their dog, truck and girlfriend for a living.


 Where, oh where, are you tonight?

Why did you leave me here all alone?

I searched the world over and I thought I’d found true love.

But you met another and PTHHP! you was gone.


That little number sums up the hundreds of calls a week we take from anxious people look for a new job in the wine industry.  Despair, anxiety and the uncertainty all can wear you thin.  It’s a tough market, but, there has been more activity as of late, nearly double the amount of inquiries for new management search as compared to this time last year.

However, if you’ve been feeling the stress build up into perpetual anxiety, we found some very insightful tips on managing your stress, improving your outlook and increasing your opportunities.  If you are healthy inside, it shows on your face – if you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it shows double.  Follow these tips to better manage daily stress and retain mental energy for that next interview.

 Anxiety, Depression and the Job Search

Anxiety, Depression and the Job Search

Job seekers navigating unemployment and an extended job search can find themselves in a bit of a Catch-22. Worn down by frustration and stress, many find themselves spiraling into depression, which will ultimately manifest itself in job-search performance — sleepless nights, lack of motivation, diminished interview skills and a bad attitude — and can make it even hard to gain employment. Staying mentally healthy on the job search is vital if you are to operate at your peak.

Based on the advice of psychologists and mental health experts, the stories below identify precisely what layoff survivors are likely to experience and solutions to combat the stress and anxiety that can lead to depression.


Read these four stories to help you stay healthy during your job search:

Your Layoff, Your Brain: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

In small doses, anxiety is necessary fuel to drive achievement. But in a prolonged job search, the effects of stress can work against you. Here are some practical insights to gain control of your body’s fight-or-flight mechanisms.

Stop Job Loss from Stealing Your Confidence and Your Identity

For seasoned professionals, the loss of a job can shake their sense of self. Here are some psychological insights for keeping things in perspective.

Staying Healthy Through Troubled Times

Being let go from a job is difficult under any circumstances, but in today’s economy, it can be even more stressful. Mental-health experts and people who have been through the job hunt themselves offer the following advice for maintaining your emotional and physical health during what can be a prolonged job search.

Job Search Anxiety: Warning Signs

The loss of a job hits both your pocketbook and your very identity. Negative feelings are only natural, but look out for these red flags indicating that outside support should be sought.

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