Monthly Archives: October 2014

Encouraging Workplace Collaboration

Highlight Meaning – From entry-level positions to seasoned managers, employees want to know what they do is meaningful. Meaning in the workplace includes individual purpose and company purpose. Those who are involved in the wine industry have an interest in and passion for wine, which creates a natural basis of meaning for motivation and enjoyment. The key is highlighting this shared meaning between all employees to foster workplace collaboration. Often it is too easy to slip into a state of complacency instead of shared meaning. When the focus is on meaning and purpose, positive work ethics and collaboration naturally fall into place.

Designate and Fluctuate – Not only do employees want to clearly understand their responsibilities, they also often want new experiences and responsibilities in the workplace. Responsibilities are often valued differently by each person, as one employee may think certain tasks are mundane while another may think the same responsibility exhibits trust in them. By learning about different responsibilities, you can balance out these perceptions and create a more expansive type of job awareness.

Create Community – Workplace interaction can reach a plateau, where employees relate to one another as acquaintances rather than as friends. By creating events for the workplace (such as a holiday party or birthday month celebration), you encourage employees to better know one another. When friendships form in the workplace, collaboration, teamwork and empathy naturally increase. From seasonal themes to sports and events themes, there are many options to get employees involved in working on something together.